Daily Kilo Eco Wash

Start from 11k / kilo.

Include Full Services: 

– PRE wash treatment

– ECO wash

– POST wash treatment

– ECO pack

Delicate Wash

We provide Delicate Wash that offers more detailed  washing and caring for your laundries – Tops, Bottoms, Overalls, Batik, Silk, etc.

Delicate Wash starts from IDR 35k/pc. 



Household Wash

We provide Household Wash that offers professional cleaning for your Bedcover, Curtain, Carpet, etc.

Household Wash starts from 

IDR 45k/pc for Bedcover.

Baby Kilo Wash

We provide gentle and professional wash for your babies’ clothes, apparels, strollers, car seats, and anything beyond.

Baby Kilo Wash starts from IDR 20k/kilo.